current studies

sunday morning

Joseph: From the Pit to the Pinacle - adults

Auditorium - Sunday morning at 9:00 AM
Taught by a variety of Teachers

Join us as we study the amazing life of Joseph.

Knowing it and doing it - teens

teen classroom - sunday morning at 9:00 AM
alan perkins

There are important spiritual and life skills every young person needs not only to know about...they need to start practicing them. Each week we take a different spiritual skill and a life skill to learn more about that skill and how to apply / practice them. NOTE: Homework included.

Children - K-3rd

children's Wing - Sunday Morning at 9:00 Am
Denise Lougee

THEMES FOR THE QUARTER: June - July: Joy (Choosing to celebrate what God is doing)

Childrens - Grades 4th and 5th

Children's Wing Class 3rd - 5th grade classroom- Sunday Morning at 9:00 am
Sarah Snyder

CLASS TITLE: Living Out Your Faith: How to Apply Biblical Principles to Our Lives

wednesday evening

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: a video tour through the archaeology of the bible

adult Classroom 1 - Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Ed grant and Jake Lougee

This class is open to all ages.

The Chosen, Season #2

Auditorium- wednesdays at 6:30 pm
david owens and jake lougee

This class is open to all ages

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