Jim Harte

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I was born and grew up in Syracuse.  During my early years I attended worship services and Sunday school at a Presbyterian church.  During my early teens I also attended services at a Christian & Missionary Alliance church.  After this, I only attended church services sporadically.  In the mid 70's I started to become spiritually awakened, realizing my need for God, but was discouraged and confused by all the different teachings I had been exposed to. Praying for guidance, I left it up to God. In June of '75, finding myself on lay-off from my 2nd shift job at Carrier, God answered my prayers. One evening (a time when I normally would have been at work), several teen aged campaigners knocked at our door asking if we would like to study the Bible. I welcomed the opportunity. Finally- the truth that I had searched for! A few days later I put on my Lord in baptism.

My wife,Pat and I live in Cicero and have two grown sons and three grandchildren.
We have seen many changes here at Wetzel Rd. over the years, but the one thing that has been a constant is the love this congregation has for the Lord and His word, for one another and for the lost.  We are grateful for the friendships we have had and for the leaders we have had, who have faithfully served to exemplify that love.




"As a community of believers, we joyfully offer ourselves to God, so that His mission of reconciliation in Christ, transformation by the Holy Spirit, and loving service to humanity may be carried out through us."

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